Ellisse: Pregnant and Numb at 19


Ellisse Tracy

cute young mom

I got pregnant at:


I am now:


My initial reaction was...


People in my life reacted...

With caution. No one was sure whether or not to congratulate me and I still was undecided on whether or not I was keeping the baby when I told several people.

My biggest challenge has been...

Finding out what makes me happy instead of constantly trying to please people. Breaking out from under my parent's wing. Stress of creating a life and a career with a young child (not necessarily the stress of the workload, but just the uncertainty of everything). Finding confidence as a young mom and especially as a young mom in school. Demanding respect.

My biggest accomplishment has been...

Making the Dean's List with a newborn, finding confidence in my role as a mother, and finding confidence as a person.

I love being a young mom because...

I have energy! I have more years to spend with my daughter. I will be a young empty-nester. I am a hot mom. ;)

I struggle with:

Finding balance. Taking time to find myself and still put my daughter first. Young relationships.

I wish all young moms knew:

Everything doesn't have to go perfectly for everything to go well. You're going to be okay. It will be really hard, but hard doesn't mean bad and it will also be better than you could have imagined. Create your own path, don't try to fit into someone else's mold. It's still okay to make mistakes.

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