Ask Liann: Classic Baby Girl Names

Hi Liann,

Please help! My husband and I are having trouble choosing a name for our future daughter, due in October 2014. We were stuck on Evelyn for awhile, but not sure about it. Then Amy came into both of our heads — but still, not sure. I love classic names like Margaret, but my husband isn't a big fan.


— Lucy

Hi Lucy,

Congrats on the upcoming birth of your daughter! Let's see if we can come up with some names you feel more confident about.

Evelyn, Amy and Margaret are all lovely. Evelyn and Margaret make me think of names like Katherine and Cecelia, whereas Amy makes me think of names like Jessica and Deborah. Do any of these peak your interest?

Even if they don't — if you're leaning more in one direction than the other, it can give you a good starting point to continue your search. So let's do that. I'll make two lists — one inspired by Evelyn and Margaret, and one inspired by Amy.

Another direction you could take is to find a classic name you love that has a nickname your husband loves. You said that you love Margaret, but your husband isn't a fan. Well Margaret happens to be a name with many, many nicknames: Maggie, Maisie, Daisy, Molly, Polly, Peggy, and Greta (to name a few). Some are dated, yes, but I just want to show you the extent of the options.

Same thing for Katherine: Kate, Katie, Kathy, Kit, Kitty, Kay, and Kat are all accepted nicknames for Katherine. Exploring the nicknames can be just as fun and productive when searching for a name.

Do you have any ideas for the middle name? This can also help narrow down a list by eliminating names that don't work with the chosen middle name, or names that produce unflattering initials with the middle and last names. Then you can focus on the few names that work.

Good luck with the rest of your search, and I hope you let us know what you decide when your little girl arrives!

— Liann

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