Young Mom Inspires the Internet


One of my favorite Facebook pages/Instagram feeds is Humans of New York, which highlights the stories and humanity walking the streets of New York City — beyond the nameless faces we all pass and ignore in our endless hurry.

Sad stories, inspiring stories — stories that make us feel. It's a beautiful project, and a clear example of how the Internet can help us be more compassionate, understanding people.

And one recent feature of a young mom had the Internet on its feet, clapping.

As of right now, the entry has almost 44,000 Tumblr notes, over 1 million Facebook likes, and over 50,000 shares.

And the comments! Tens of thousands of strangers were congratulating her, lifting her up, and also sharing their own inspiring stories as young moms.

All the feels.

She did it, they did it, you can do it.