#FollowFriday on Instagram


Sometimes it helps to feel normal, you know what I mean?

Maybe all of your 20-something friends are posting vacation selfies and late-night party photos, and — as much as you hate to admit it — you occasionally feel pangs of insecurity while scrolling through Instagram. ("Is that the life I'm supposed to be living? Should I be wild and free?")

Maybe you don't know any moms who look like you — not in the glossy magazines, not in movies, and certainly not in your play group.

Maybe you feel a bit isolated.

But, you guys, there are SO MANY stylish, beautiful, happy young women navigating motherhood in their 20s — women who make young motherhood look good. Normal.

So every week I'll feature a favorite "Early Mama" in a #FollowFriday Instagram series to help fill your feed with moms who are more like you. Inspiring, cool, stylish mamas who just might shift your perspective of a "real mom."

Play along! Do you have a favorite Early Mama to share with the class? Do you have an Instagram feed yourself? Tag photos with #earlymama so I can find you, and don't forget to follow me over at @earlymama.


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