Ask Liann: Original Baby Name Ideas


Hi Liann,

I hope you're doing well! I have found a few baby names I like, but have a hard time sorting through the baby name sites, so I thought you might have some suggestions since you have such great taste! I like names that are a bit different/somewhat original versus names that tend toward the traditional or overly trendy.

So far my favorite boy names are Liam, Kaden, and Graham, but I'm having trouble finding girl names that I like. My favorite is Karys, and I also like London and Scarlett. Any suggestions?

-First Time Momma


First Time Momma,

So far you've got a very nice bunch of names you're working with.

Out of the three boys, I think that Kaden is the odd man out. Liam and Graham (I love Graham) are solid and classic, and Kaden feels more modern and in line with the -aden trend.

Your girls, however, are all very different. Karys (also spelled Carys) is a little exotic, London is firmly gender neutral, and Scarlett is classic and feminine. I find it so interesting when a person's taste spans the spectrum like this. And it shows just how subjective naming can be.

So where do we go from here? I'll make a few different lists — one for boys, focusing mainly on Liam and Graham (plus a few more modern choices), and a different list for each girl name.



For middle names, try mixing and matching your favorites to find the right combo. If you like the idea of using a family name in the middle, scour your family tree. Sometimes real gems can be found, with the added bonus of a family connection.

I hope I've helped expand your list a little bit. Good luck with your search and don't forget the let us know what you decide!


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