The Truth About Being a #Millennial Mom


So BabyCenter released a new "Millennial Mom" report, studying the habits and traits of the youngest generation of parents (those of us between 18 and 32 years old). And it was a really positive, insightful study that virtually every news outlet covered with a collective eye-roll. That's cool, Internet. I'll set the story straight.

Here's an excerpt from my post...


I was born in 1986, making me 27 years old. It also makes me a full-fledged Millennial — a label that's been criticized, defended, and ridiculed over the last year.

Some people will immediately brand me as a narcissist, carrying around a heavy sense of entitlement that stems from years of over-praise and a "trophies for everyone!" mentality. I'm part of the "ME ME ME Generation," after all — the title of a 2013 TIME story that blew open the gate for this Millennial discussion.

Yet what originally started as a conversation about socially inept and unemployable teens/entry-level job applicants, has now turned into the forehead-slapping realization that — holy crap! — Millennials are real-life adults who are reproducing.

In fact, according to The Parents Network, 79 percent of all first-time births and 68 percent of all births are to Millennial mothers. More studies are starting to come out about this brand-new generation of parents (roughly between the ages of 18 and 32 years old), and yet we still can't shake this stereotype.

Despite an overall positive "Millennial Mom Report" done by BabyCenter, writers and bloggers are dissecting and twisting it into just another example of how egotistical and silly we are. This time about our parenting skills.

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