Watch Me on The Stream, Tonight!

Some exciting news, early mamas!

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"Who qualifies as a 'young mom?' How has that age range changed over generations?"

"Do you think social media has changed the way women approach motherhood?"

"Do you think the media peddles any misconceptions about #motherhood to women? What are they?"

Those are a few of the recent tweets sent out by Al Jazeera America's TV show "The Stream," and some of the questions I'll be addressing tonight on their show at 7:30pm ET.

I'm going on the aaaaair!

(OH and did I mention I've been super sick and may be doped up on cold meds? Come! Watch! It'll be a good time.)

If you're not familiar with the show, it relies heavily on social media participation, so go on and send in your own opinions and experiences on the realities of modern motherhood. What kind of pressures have you felt? Stigmas? Insecurities? Fears?

Write them on their Facebook wall, send out a tweet with the hashtag #AJAMSTREAM, or leave a comment on their site. Get your voice out there!

...and then watch me (try really hard to not blow my nose) tonight at 7:30 pm.