Baby Boy Name Ideas: Classic, Not Common

baby boy name ideas

Hi there!

I really hope you can help, as the clock is ticking. Our second baby, a boy, is due in the next week and we're panicking on a name. Our first-born daughter's name is Ivy, which I love so much! We would like something that has the same feel — classic, not so common, and not over the top. So far our front runner is Max, but I don't have that excited feeling I had when we found the name Ivy. Is this feeling a myth? Other options were Leo and Sullivan, which we're even less crazy about. Also if we did go with Max, would Alexander be a good candidate for a middle name, or is that too many X sounds?

I should say our last name begins with a D and has two syllables. Can you tell we're lost? I really hope you can help! Thank you.

— L

Hi L,

I'd first like to say that I LOVE your daughter's name. LOVE. I also really like the name Max, so I think we have similar taste and I'm excited to find some names for you.

The first name that popped into my head was Desmond. It pairs beautifully with Ivy and has the nickname Des, which is short and sweet like Max. If Alexander is the chosen middle, Desmond Alexander is very handsome. And I'm a big fan of alliteration names, so the Double D really appeals to me.

Okay, so if Desmond just isn't the one, how about...

What do you think? I was going for names with the same old-timey feel of Ivy, but with a little bit of spunk like Max.

I think my favorite with Ivy is Desmond, but I also really like Ivy and Hugo, Ivy and Beau, and Ivy and Emmett.

I also think that Alexander works with all of these. It's a great, classic middle name choice that you really can't go wrong with. It pairs well with almost anything — even Max and Felix, with all of the X sounds.

Best of luck on the arrival of your little man. Please let us know what you end up choosing!

— Liann