Kelly: Pregnant and scared at 22

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Kelly Webster

I got pregnant at:

22 years old

I am now:

22 years old

My initial reaction was:

a mix of emotions: shock, fear, nervousness, excitement.

People in my life reacted:

I think people were definitely happy for my husband and I, but probably concerned because I am still in school and we are not set in our careers.

My biggest challenge has been:

managing working full-time and going to school full-time, all while being nauseous and vomiting!

My biggest accomplishment has been:

I think once I graduate and have this baby (the baby is due around my college graduation date), those will have been my biggest accomplishments!

I love being a young mom because:

I have not experienced motherhood just yet, but I cannot wait!

I struggle with:

my constant fears about whether or not I will be a good mom.

I wish all young moms knew:

You can have a baby and still get your education, and/or fulfill your life goals. Just because you are going to be a mother does not mean that your aspirations have to be put on the back burner!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy, Kelly! I was right around the same age as you, and I very much remember that unique mix of emotions.