Shhh! 20 Secrets of Motherhood

20 Secrets of Motherhood

You may be under the impression that every "real" mom has their shit together. Everything comes naturally to them — they're grown up, smart, "ready" in ways you simply aren't. You don't look like the moms in the glossy magazine ads. You have no idea what you're doing (but you're pretty sure you're doing it all wrong).

The truth is, there's not much difference between being a young mom or a not-so-young mom — not in our hearts, at least. Rather than separate yourself from the pack, assuming that you're less than, I'm going to let you in on the universal secrets of motherhood.

Between you and me...

We all feel like we're failing, at times.

And other times, when our children are polite and inquisitive and lovely, we feel like we're doing a pretty solid job. It's a roller coaster, but those moments of internal failure still hit us like a brick to the heart. You're not the only one who feels them.

We might be mothers, but we still have unhealthy patterns and hardwired conditioning that gets in the way.

We're still humans — struggling with stuff from our childhood and other personal issues that get in the way of us being fully healthy and mature. Tiny people look up to us like we know what we're doing — and mothers PRETEND to be all-knowing, all-perfect beings — but we're not. We're just flawed people, like anyone else.

We don't enjoy every minute.

And we don't have to.

We have a universal heaviness in our hearts.

A mixture of sadness, fear, gratitude, and bursting love. Get used to that extra weight; it isn't going anywhere.

We're permanently insane

We shoot up from a dead sleep to listen to a baby’s rising chest — just to make sure. We think we hear a tiny voice calling us from the other room, but the house is empty. We irrationally mull over the worst possible scenarios that could happen to our kids before falling asleep. The insanity in me recognizes the insanity in you. Namaste.