Early Mama Named in Babble 100!


I started this whole blogging journey as an intern, actually. Blogging was fairly new-ish — at least in a mainstream sense — and I was part of SELF magazine's inaugural beauty blogging team as a beauty intern, and then went on to intern at Babble.com. At the time, Babble was a small staffed start-up that grew like a rolling snowball, eventually morphing into the Disney entity that it is today. It would also go on to be the biggest hub of mom bloggers on the Internet (and this was back when the term "mom blogger" was fresh). 

I watched the team develop and launch the very first Top 50 Mom Bloggers of 2009 — the first of its kind! — and then 2010 and 2011 and 2012. Each list was bigger and more impressive than the last. After I started Early Mama in mid-2011, making the Top Bloggers list became a small goal that I tucked into my back pocket. 

And it happened, you guys!

I'm excited to share that Early Mama made the list — specifically in the "relationships" category.

So if you came here from Babble.com looking for relationship content, here are some of my favorites:

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Check out the rest of the Babble 100 for 2013! And if you have a blog, add yourself to the nominations page.