Introducing the First Early Mama E-Course: BLOOM


If you took our recent webinar How to Overcome the 3 Greatest Challenges of Young Motherhood (which, by the way, will be available as an MP3 download soon), then you were already privy to our announcement. But for the rest of you, I've been bubbling with anticipation to reveal my next collaboration with Heidi.

BLOOM: The Early Mama Inner Exploration and Growth E-Course

In discussing the inherent challenges that come from having a child/marriage in early adulthood, we realized that one challenge resonated fiercely with readers: retaining our personal identity.

And so Heidi and I developed an e-course, using our backgrounds as story gatherers (me) and life coaches (her). An all-encompassing course to help better each other as young women, not just as young mothers. 

It'll be a more intimate way to connect and a more focused way to grow. 

Space is limited and we're opening registration NOW, so check out the full deets of the e-course. I promise it'll be worth it. xx