Favorite Posts of the Month

I'm especially proud of this month's Babble.com posts, where I explored more of the topics that I'm interested in as a parent and as a writer. 

Here's a sampling of some of my favorites...


15 Ways Our Kids' Future Might Be Totally Different


"And if things continue on the trajectory we’re on (which of course they will), life for our kids will change in ways we can’t even comprehend. And that’s a daunting realization for a parent, considering our sole job is to prepare our kids for the real world. But what will the real world be like when they’re adults?"


Santa in the Digital Age: Will He Survive?


"When kids are getting connected to the Internet at younger and younger ages, how long until the fabrication is impossible to keep going? How long until a YouTube video ruins the fun for hundreds of thousands of 'connected' kids?...Santa is, without a doubt, in the Digital Age with the rest of us. But will he survive?"


20 Reasons Today's Childhood is Different from Ours


"In the context of human history, we’re riding a monstrous wave of innovation and change. And maybe this is most apparent when looking through the eyes of a brand-new human, who only knows this as normal. Of course each generation has their differences — their 'Well, when was a kid!' declarations — but the Now vs. Then childhood experiences are a bit startling." 


10 Children's Books that Teach Kids About Their Food


"Most modern kids aren’t raising and growing their own food. They don’t understand the life behind their meals. They don’t question how their food came to be, or even what kind of ingredients they’re putting into their bodies. Yet as parents, we have a responsibility to close that divide. To teach them about their food and create healthy attitudes about nutrition, agriculture, and sustainability."


10 Reasons Kids Should Believe in Santa


"There are some parents who never question the existence of Santa. There's no 'will we or won't we?' struggle because Santa is a given. It's part of being a child! How dare you deprive a child of that magic! I am not that parent. And so I've carefully analyzed the situation (as I do everything) and firmly landed on the side of Santa. Let me count the ways..."


Holiday Gifts that Kids AND Parents Love


"There are plenty of gift guides out there that’ll tell you the perfect holiday gift to give a kid whose parents you are not fond of. Passive aggressive gifts, if you will. 

And that’s not hard to understand! Most of the 'hot' toys are either loud or messy or difficult to assemble. Or they have a million pieces that break, or get lost, or require pricey add-ons. While I love seeing my son happy, there are certainly toys that make me cringe.

So rather than buy a gift that you know will bug the heck out of a kid’s parents, here’s a round-up of holiday gifts that kids AND parents will love. (Yes! They exist!)"


The Magic of a Snow Day


"This week we got a dumping of white fluff after a full day of big flakes falling around our house like a snow globe...It was the kind of snow that shuts things down — businesses, schools, plans. It forces adults to throw up their hands and succumb to the will of nature, and to maybe remember that spark of excitement that came with a Snow Day.

And I forgot just how bright that spark can burn for a kid on a Snow Day. I forgot until I saw it glowing in my son’s eyes."


25 Lessons for My Son Before Manhood


"In an effort to raise a good man, here are some basic life lessons I hope he learns before venturing out on his own."



We're heading up to my in-laws today for the holiday, so I'll be taking a break from the online world for a bit. Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone! Meet you back here soon. xo