Ask Liann: Baby Boy Name Ideas

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Hey Liann!

We just found out that we are having a little boy, and we are so excited. However, it seems as though our girl name list was much more developed than our boy name list. We have a few good names that we love, but I would like to add a few more that we love just as much so that we have more to choose from, and I haven't been able to find any. I don't think we will choose a name before this little one is born, because we want to see him and see which name fits best.

So far our names are Jude, Elliot, and West.

We love unique names, but not too out there.

We also have a few middle names picked out, but those are not set in stone — and I love the idea of using a family name for a middle name:

Jude Casper (My Dad's first name) or Jude Michael (My Dad's middle name)

Elliot Grayson (Not a family name)

For the life of me, I cannot come up with a middle name for West. Some family names include Caspar, Michael, Merlin, Loyal, Stephen, Gary, and Dirk.

Our other problem is that we will be using a hyphenated last name, which just doesn't flow, so it detracts from any name combo we choose. The last name will be Geisterfer-Knobel (the K is pronounced). 

We would love some other suggestions, and from seeing your other posts on, I think we will be very pleased with what you come up with.


Hi Hayley,

Congratulations on your little guy! Now let's find him a name.

I love the three you've already got. Jude, Elliot, and West are handsome and solid. I want to point out, however, that all three are recently being used more and more for girls. You may already be aware of this, and it might not matter to you. Or that could be a game changer. (I'm sorry if it's a game changer, but I think it's better to know before the birth certificate is signed. Take a look at Nameberry if you want specific information on just how much each is being used for girls.)

If this fact doesn't bother you, I think Jude Caspar is my favorite from your list. I just love both names. Caspar seems to be a tough one for some people to swallow, but you have the family connection that negates any negative feedback. The other reason Jude is my favorite is I think a one-syllable first name would work the best with your chosen surname. I grew up with a hyphenated surname, so I know first-hand the challenges it can present. A one-syllable first name will give his full name some balance. Jude Geisterfer-Knobel is very handsome.

I like Elliot Grayson, but I think you have so many great family names that it would be a shame not to use one in the middle for Elliot. Elliot Michael. Elliot Stephen. Elliot Dirk. Elliot Caspar. Merlin and Loyal might be a challenge, but they're certainly not bad choices. I actually know someone whose middle name is Merlin and it totally works.

I think West is very cool. I think I know why you're having so much trouble finding a middle name for it, though. It makes his name sound like a place. Again it's not a deal breaker, just something to think about. I'd like to suggest Wes as an alternative. It's pretty much the same sound, but eliminates the possible "place name" issue. Wes Michael Geisterfer-Knobel?

Most of the suggestions I came up with are one syllable, but there are a few two-syllable suggestions because I don't think you HAVE to use a one-syllable name.

Here's my list:



Graeme (or Graham, but I prefer Graeme)




Wesley (If you like "Wes" more as a nickname)














Some combos:

Graeme Stephen

Beau Michael

Flynn Caspar

Griffin Dirk

Wynn Michael

Hugo Dirk

Ronan Michael

Clive Michael

Miles Caspar

Play around with the middle names. Michael seems to work with just about anything, though I'm quite partial to Caspar. I think my favorites are Jude Caspar, Wes Michael, and Bram Stephen. I love some alliteration in names, so Graeme Geisterfer-Knobel really appeals to me, as well. I hope this gives you some new ideas. Please let us know what you decide.