Early Mama CHANGES!

early mama blog.jpg

Whatcha think?! We spruced things up around here (thanks to the lovely Heidi Oran) to make it a little easier to find the information you need.

I'm still working on re-tagging and re-linking (transferring a site is a lot of work!), but take a minute to get comfy in our new space.

Here are some of the biggest differences:

1. Sign up for the Early Mama newsletter

I promise I won't bombard you every day/week — it'll be more of a monthly "hiya!" with subscriber-only offers and information. (See the button in the top right corner? Click that. Or just click here.)

2. Check out the new sub-categories

Are you a student mom? A single mom? Pregnant? Engaged? You can find more lifestyle-specific content by scrolling over the categories at the top of the page.

3. Share! Share! Share!

It's now easier than ever to share content on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest — and I'd love you forever for doing so. Under each post, you'll see social media "share" buttons.

4. A new community is coming

You might notice a new section up top. In the next few weeks, I'll be developing an exclusive Early Mama forum for you to ask questions/share information in an Early-Mama-only environment. Vent here instead of ranting on Facebook — none of your family and friends can judge you. Pinky swear.

5. Spread the Early Mama mission

On the right-hand column, you'll see an Early Mama button that you can share on your own blog. Wear your Early Mama badge proudly!

6. Read more about our contributors

Scroll over the "About" link at the top of the page and read more about our lovely contributors (including a shiny new contributor whom I'll be formerly introducing soon!). And as always, I'm always looking for more voices on ye blog. If you have a story to share and an urge to write, shoot me a note. I always love hearing from you.

7. Tell me what you think!

Lastly, leave a comment telling me what you think of the new look!