Free Webinar for Young Moms: Overcome and Thrive

I don't pretend to know it all — but over my five years of being an unexpected "early mama" and two years of chatting with young moms around the world, I started to notice patterns. A lot of those patterns led to our Why I Love Being an Early Mama series, but I also found common threads within our challenges and pitfalls.

We might have different circumstances, different stories, different obstacles — but most of us entered parenthood and adulthood at roughly the same time. And, whether we realize it or not, that can set us up with three inherent challenges that can snowball into bigger issues.

The good news: It's in our power to overcome, or at least alleviate, those challenges.

Through my partnership with Heidi from The Conscious Perspective (she's an EM contributor and a life coach, as well), we've designed a plan to offer real insight and help into becoming our best selves. Early next year we'll be launching an in-depth e-course to focus on our personal development as individuals beyond just mothers, but we're first offering a free webinar to address the three basic challenges of young motherhood, and give a basic action plan to overcome them.

Note: A webinar isn't a live-streaming video (so we can't see you!), but we'll be able to view it together and type in any questions/comments while the webinar is going on.

The webinar will be Wednesday, November 20 at 1pm EST. SPOTS ARE LIMITED! Book yours today:

Click here to register!

Update: After selling out in less than 36 hours, Heidi and I decided to expand with 70 additional spots. They're being scooped up fast, so book your spot while you can!