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Hi Liann,

I am in the process of adopting my two daughters from foster care. My oldest daughter, 10, has chosen to keep her name, Eva Elizabeth Christine, and take our last name Cook. Our youngest daughter, 1, came to us named Jaylen Grace. My husband and I chose to change her name to the name that we both like and agree on, Averi, and have chosen to keep Grace for the middle name.

Now we are in a pickle because I think she should have two middle names, while my husband does not think a second middle name is needed — unless it sounds awesome together.

I wanted to keep it with the same theme as Eva, have the second middle name start with A, but haven't found anything that sounds "awesome together," yet I am running out of time. (Her adoption will be final in December.) Any thoughts?

Here is our naming situation so far:

Logan Kristopher, 11

Eva Elizabeth Christine, 10

Landon Joseph, 6

Averi _____ Grace, 1

I love names that are just a little different, but aren't too trendy. Both boys have first and middle names that honor family members, so that is not that important this time. I had mentioned Adelyn or Alexa or Alivia — but I guess they aren't "awesome" enough.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Staci,

First I want to say what a beautiful job you've done with your other three children's names. And I love the idea of continuing the pattern you started with Eva's name. The cool thing about your situation is that there is a specific category of names to peruse that fit your criteria. All we have to do is find the one that sounds the awesomest with Averi.

Taking cues from the ideas you already mentioned, I think you'll like a three-syllable name in this spot. I'm going to divide my suggestions into two categories: familiar and obscure. You may find that you're up for something a little less familiar, if it sounds amazing. So let's get to it:


Abigail – Averi Abigail Grace

Adela – Averi Adela Grace

Alana – Averi Alana Grace

Amelia – Averi Amelia Grace

Angela – Averi Angela Grace

Annabelle – Averi Annabelle Grace

Aurora – Averi Aurora Grace

Agatha – Averi Agatha Grace

Adelaide – Averi Adelaide Grace

More obscure:

Amaya – Averi Amaya Grace

Augusta – Averi Augusta Grace

Aurelia – Averi Aurelia Grace

Aberdeen – Averi Aberdeen Grace

Aliza – Averi Aliza Grace

Annora – Averi Annora Grace

Apolline – Averi Apolline Grace

Arcadia – Averi Arcadia Grace

Amabel – Averi Amabel Grace

Adira – Averi Adira Grace

Andorra – Averi Andorra Grace


My favorites from the familiar list are Amelia and Adelaide. From the obscure list, I like Annora, Arcadia, and Amabel.

This is just a teeny tiny sampling of "A" names that could potentially work. If none of these feel quite right, don't give up! There are so many baby name books and Web sites that you could use to find the perfect name. Good luck to you and your husband! And please let me know if any of these rank "awesome" enough, and what you ultimately decide.



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