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Liann gives advice to a family picking yet another name for a girl —

Hi Liann,

We are expecting our fourth girl on December 27th and are having a hard time picking a name this time around.

We didn't have a problem with the first two — I had my first daughter young and was a single mom, so it was up to me and I used the name I always wanted: Angel Aleigh. The middle name is my mother's middle name and Angel was after a friend's mom who was always the sweetest lady. With my second baby, I let my husband choose it as I already used "my" name and his was beautiful anyways: Rose Marie. Rose is actually a version of a family name on his side. Our third was a bit of a problem to name, but I had a baby book from my first and had marked names I liked back then, and that's where we found Alana. Then the middle name was a toughie and I used a name generator to find the middle name of Grace: Alana Grace.

Now we have to name yet another girl, which is difficult. I like a lot of "E" names like Eleena or Eliza, and also like Lillian. My sister-in-law suggested Ruthanne, which is their Aunt Ruth Anne (my husband's favorite Aunt). I like that as well, but it's not a favorite.

It seems like we can't agree on a name, although we picked Jane as a middle name, which is my dad's mother's name. She passed when I was very young so I didn't have the chance to get to know her, but always wished I had. My husband has said he likes the name Lily but not Lillian (it's too much of an old lady name for him). He also likes Ruthanne, but it's not a favorite either. So far we have said she will be Lillian Jane, Lilly for short, if we can't find a name we like better. I like Lillian partly because of an older woman who was like a grandmother to me growing up — she passed a few years ago. If you have any suggestions it would be enormously helpful.

Here's the original list:

Eliana Jane

Lillian Jane

Maria Jane

Eileen Jane

Elena Jane

Sadie Jane

Delilah Jane


Thank you lots!



Hi Elizabeth,

First off, your daughters all have really lovely names. Helping find a fourth girl name might be a little tricky, though, because you don’t seem to have one style you’re drawn too. Angel, Rose and Alana all have a different feel to me, but the cool part of is that your options are really wide open.

To find some suggestions, I have three different approaches. The first is to find a name that starts with an R. I can’t help but look at the sibset as a whole, and while it ultimately does not matter in the slightest how sibling names sound together, I, personally, like to find some cohesion - you already have two A names, so another R name would tie the four together. The second is to go off of the names on your current list, which to me fit somewhere between Rose and Alana. The third is to find a way to Lily that you and your husband can agree on.

One reason I like the R name approach is that you already talked about Ruth and Ruthanne as names with family significance. The trouble with Ruth and Ruthanne is it sounds a little choppy to me with Jane in the middle. (Ruth Jane/Ruthanne Jane)

Not terrible, by any means, and I find that your love of a name and family significance often outweigh issues like flow. Or you could go right for Ruthie Jane, which is super cute and has a better flow, but some people don’t like the idea of putting a “nickname” on the birth certificate.

Some other R names you might consider:







Roxana (Roxy is a super cute nickname)

I think they all work with Jane in the middle.

Based off your current list:

Nadia Jane

Fiona Jane

Cora Jane

Lucia Jane

Leilani Jane

Lydia Jane

Maia Jane

Maisie Jane

Nora Jane

Mira Jane

Celia Jane

Olivia Jane

Hazel Jane

Stella Jane

Tessa Jane

"Lily" names:

Lily is such a sweet name, and there are a number of ways to get to it. It’s unfortunate that your husband doesn’t like Lillian, but we like what we like. Instead of Lillian, what about:







While some are closer to Lillian than others, I think they all honor your special Lillian. It is very common to honor this way, with a name that is similar but distinct. And you could use Lily as a nickname for any one of these

From your list, my favorites are Sadie Jane, Delilah Jane and Eliza Jane (not on your list but mentioned in your question). From mine, my favorites are Ruby Jane, Roxana Jane, Maisie Jane and Hazel Jane. Of the Lily names, my favorites are Liliana Jane and Lilia Jane.

There's not a bad choice in the bunch. If nothing here seems quite right, don't give up! The right name is out there and you'll find it.

Good luck, Elizabeth! I hope this helps and I would love to hear your final choice.



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