From My Inbox: Frat to Family; It Can Work

From: JessicaSubject: Early Mama here - one by age 21, two by 25

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Hello Michelle — just wanted to reach out to you in regards to this entire website. I just stumbled across it through a link on facebook, and everything is engaging and captivating, I feel like it was just written for me! I got pregnant at age 20, after only knowing my boyfriend for 6 months. We were nervous and scared, but went through with life's crazy way of guiding us through.

At age 21 I had my first child, a girl. My boyfriend (now husband!) had been living in a frat house, and I was living in a dorm room — then a few months later we became parents. Our lives changed drastically. We got our own apartment, he proposed, and we started our young family. We got married two years later. He graduated college. I continued (I was younger) and had our 2nd child a week after I graduated college 4 years later.

Now we have been married since 2009, we have two beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 2, we both have our Bachelor Degrees, and we feel like The Best Is Yet To Come, as so many of your posts suggests. It has not been easy, we have struggled (more financially than anything) but we have taken everything one day at a time and persevered. Having a child young is tough; having kids in general is not easy, but as long as you stay positive and focus on the type of life that you want to have, anything is possible. I love my family more than anything, and would not change anything we've gone through.

Thanks so much for all these wonderful posts and knowing that we are not alone!


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