Some Cool Things


Happy weekend, you guys. After almost two weeks of being apart, my husband is finally coming home tomorrow — and I'm practically counting the minutes. (He's a sound engineer/music producer so sometimes he travels to do big shows like the VMAs and the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Did I ever tell you that? He always comes back with the best stories.)

Anyway, here are some things I've been wanting to share:

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This is hilarious and true. Are you with me, #millennials?

Young-mom blogger Lauren Hartmann (of The Little Things We Do) was on GMA talking Instagram obsessions as parents. What do you think about the possible benefits/effects of our (perfectly styled) obsession with social media photos?

I love this round-up of spiritual children's books on The Conscious Perspective.

Were you a dELiA*s girl in the '90s (or did you at least flip through the catalogs back in middle school)? Then you HAVE to see this. Amazing.

Catch you back here tomorrow! xo

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