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From: SamanthaSubject: Early Momma of 2

Message Body: I too am an early momma.

I had my first born Rebecca on August 12, 2009. I found out I was pregnant at my University's health unit on campus where my boyfriend (now fiance) was living 3 hours away at home and visited on weekends. It was a shock and I debated staying in school, but didnt like my program and couldnt justify the money being spent — even if it looked socially more acceptable then a pregnant drop out.

But that's what I did: I dropped out, moved home, and took a call centre job full-time to ensure I got maternity leave. Two months into mat. leave, I started schooling.

We planned our second pregnancy of Lindsay, born August 13, 2011, because we wanted the kids within a 2-year age gap. I finished my schooling while pregnant for Lindsay and decided to ride the pregnancy out at the call centre, to allow more flexibility to start my career vs. the standard 2-week notice required at most jobs.

I started my career as an Administrative Assistant at an Engineering firm a year ago and love it. My kids are at a daycare that both my fiance and I love.

And that dear fiance of mine, who was once my University boyfriend and went through all of these life changes with me — he's about to endure one more big change. In 19 days we will be married. [ed note: They're now married. Congratulations!]

I recently started a blog, Aspiring to be Organized, because my house is NEVER company ready and I'm ashamed to have people drop in with less than an hours notice (more would be much better). So I am going on a journey to be more house proud and organized in making sure that my house is ALWAYS clean even if a couple toys are out.

A place I can be proud of.

I've got my career, my hubby-to-be, our kids — and now I just need the personal life organized.



Thanks for your email, Samantha!

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