Some Cool Things: Memorial Day Edition

This weekend has been a wonderfully exhausting blur of people and food and laughing and OH MY GOD ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Over on Justin's side of the family, Noah has a gaggle of cousins to get lost with — to the point where Justin and I often poke our heads above the crowd and ask, "Where's our son?"

He's typically laughing over in the corner of the yard — chasing after little boys he looks up to, exploring through the dirt, playing made-up games with made-up rules. Experiencing his childhood, while we sit in plastic chairs and watch. 

And there'll probably be more of that today — more tiny legs flailing across the grass, interrupting hugs, and real-life adult conversations — especially because I see an inviting blue sky peeking through the trees right now. Yet I wanted to pop in with a few links that I didn't get to on Friday:

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And here I am, elsewhere:

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Have a lovely Memorial Day, mamas.