Family Photos

So we had family photos done — which is so not us. We don't do things like engagement photos on a bridge, at dusk, in the rain. Or Christmas cards. Or buying white dresses to walk down aisles.

But in talking about a possible future pregnancy (I know, you guys; I'm sick of hearing about it too), we started getting all sappy and sentimental about this 3-person family that maybe one day wouldn't be a 3-person family. And then we realized that we have maybe one — two, counting the obligatory new-family-in-the-hospital-bed photo — family photo of us. Which is pretty sad.

So considering my sister is a photographer, we decided to check something off our BEFORE BABY list.

This is our only "let's smile for the camera — CHEESE" photo, and I'm so glad Noah wasn't listening. Because he totally makes the shot.

And here are some more of our family photos:

For the very first time, we're ready to move onto the next phase — whatever that may be for us. We've been talking about it for years, but it just may be our time. We've spent so long embracing and adapting to change that the thought of voluntarily causing change has been scary.

But sometimes you just have to jump.

And no matter where we land — whether it's with another baby, or two more babies, or simply moving ahead as a three-family unit — I'll have my family.

This is my family.

Are we waiting for another member? I hope so.

But I wouldn't trade a single second of these last four years — just the three us. It'll always be enough.

[all photos by Picnik Photography]