Canadian Early Mamas

A reporter for Canada's National Post called me last week to talk about the experience of being a 20-something mother when the culture — in both the U.S. and Canada — is largely changing.

What's it like to be a 20-something mother today, when most 20-somethings aren't parents yet?

And so we talked about the changing 20-something demographic and how isolating younger motherhood can feel.

We talked about the "young mom" stereotype, and the evolution (and multiple definitions of) feminism.

We talked about the unique benefits of choosing younger motherhood, and how, after watching Gen-Xers struggle with infertility and regret, some Gen-Yers are reevaluating.

We also talked about how choosing younger motherhood might possibly be better for your career (despite the National Post's headline).

It's always nerve-wracking to be interviewed because you never know how your quotes will be used/interpreted and how the general tone of the article will end up. But I think it's an accurate and insightful look into this recent cultural issue that clearly crosses boundary lines and even oceans. It includes several perspectives from "early mamas" in Canada — and hey! I'm quoted in there!

Check out the Canadian Post article and let me know your thoughts.

Also: Are you a young Canadian mom? What's been your experience?