"You never forget a beautiful thing that you have made"

Yesterday, while driving home from some after-gymnastics ice cream, there was a sudden stillness in the car — so much that I was sure he had fallen asleep. I briefly turned my head, expecting to see his eyes closed, face relaxed, tiny hands clasped in his lap — the way I've seen him look hundreds of times from my front-seat view.

Except he was looking straight at me — alert.

"Who made your body?" he suddenly asked.

"Well my body was made inside of my mommy's, your grandma's, belly."

I thought he might take the conversation to an other-worldly place, but he simply responded:

"She made you beautiful."

I glanced back at him and saw his head cocked to the side, staring lovingly. Admiring me. And somehow my heart exploded while melting — which this boy has a knack for. He knows exactly how to turn me into a bubbling puddle of star-struck love. I was also slightly taken aback because I had this quote in my head all day:

"You never forget a beautiful thing that you have made."

The original quote is about food, but my friend (and fellow "early mama") Lacy Stroessner of Living On Love always thought it was a beautiful sentiment for mothers. So she teamed up with the woman behind Hello Cheeseburger to create this limited-edition print for Mother's Day.

But this print goes one step further: Half of the proceeds will be donated to the Edna Adan University Hospital in Somaliland — an East African region with one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world. The statistics are staggering — 1 in 8 Somali babies will die within the first 12 months, and nearly 4,000 Somali mothers die in childbirth each year — but this hospital is determined to reduce these tragic rates. And buying this print is something we can do to help.

(Buy the print from Lacy's online store. It costs $30, free shipping here in the US, and it'll show up by Mother's Day.)

Because creating anything is beautiful, but there's a unique depth to the beauty we make in our bellies. Especially when those creations are blowing kisses from the back seat.


And P.S.: He did eventually fall asleep.