Some Cool Things

noah and friends

Noah stayed home most of the week for what we thought might be pink eye, but turned out to be allergies (phew). So he soaked up some quality time with his friends ^^^, in what might be one of my favorite candid shots of the year. He has a growing cast of bedtime buddies (I think we're up to 7), which would be fine except he insists on dragging ALL of them into the "big bed" at 3 am — meaning I wake up with frog, rabbit, and human feet in my face each morning.

But honestly? I kind of love it. Not when it's happening, of course, but after some coffee and a dose of hindsight. Then I really love it.

Our week was uneventful, minus a doctor trip and several batman battles, but here are some cool things I've read here on the Interwebs:

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Lacy from Living On Love added a bunch of new items to her Etsy shop.

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13 common cleaning mistakes.

And here I am, elsewhere:

DIY puffy paint recipe that's SO EASY YOU GUYS!

What to do with those leftover plastic eggs scattered around the house.

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Bizarre products that should totally exist.

This is one of my fave baby product companies.

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As for the rest of our weekend, Justin is traveling for the next week+ for work — including on his 29th birthday — and my best friend is turning 27. WE'RE GETTING SO OLD OH MY GOD.

Happy weekend!