How To Stay Creative

I know all too well how the daily to-dos (both the money-making kind and the less glamorous, poop and tears and "mommy don't be mad but..." kind) can, quite literally, drain creativity like a tiny hole in a helium balloon. I start the day buoyant and ambitious, only to end the day as a shriveled up version of myself.

Not all of the time, but sometimes.

I plan on carving time after he's asleep for creative "me" writing, and all I want to do is zone out to the Housewives of Wherever and close my tired eyes next to my equally exhausted husband.

Not all the time, but usually.

But, like so many of you, I crave creativity. I need creativity. I'm not sure I could exist without it.

And so I found this list of 33 Ways to Stay Creative on Pinterest (which has been reblogged and repinned so many times, I can't seem to find the original source). I added my own comments and slight adjustments (in red), but I think it's pretty right-on.

What about you? How do you stay creative while tending to work/school/family/adult obligations?