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Ben is getting bigger and (I can't believe I'm saying this) cuter by the ever-loving minute. Weighing around 10 lbs. at 7 weeks old, he's in the first stage of non-gas smiles, which, gosh. It's only the beginning.

Fun fact: I went back to work full-time when Noah was 7 weeks. Seeing Ben's itty-bitty body — his neediness and clingy-ness to his mama — breaks my heart all over again. I don't know where I found the strength back then (but I did).

Oh, and that harness? He has slight hip dysplasia, so he has to be strapped in a frog-like position for 23 hours each day. AND HE RESENTS EVERY MINUTE IN THOSE 23 HOURS. As soon as his harness is off, he happily kicks and flails like a prisoner breathing fresh air. But just think how appreciative he'll be of his future mobility. Teach them to appreciate the little luxuries, I say. And teach 'em early.

Last weekend we road-tripped 4 hours north to the Plattsburgh area for my step-mother-in-law's surprise 50th birthday party — which, by the way, was a SUCCESS. (Meaning I didn't slip up on Facebook. whew.)

That's where this photo was taken, with Noah's cousins (second cousins? similarly aged relatives?). Noah has a bunch of family members around his age (over on Justin's side; my side only has Ben) — but Justin's siblings and most of his cousins don't have kids yet. All of the kids are Justin's cousins, not Noah's cousins — meaning we had Noah right around the same time as Justin's aunts and uncles were having kids.

Ah, the family dynamics of a young family.

I try not to think about the proper titles, but rather focus on feeling grateful that he'll have family memories with kids his own age.

Noah got a belated Valentine's Day card that he carries around with him. Because, obviously.

Once upon a time, Noah had a first teddy bear. They were buddies — back when Noah unsteadily toddled around the living room, binkie in mouth, forehead bruised. Back when he needed to be nursed and rocked to sleep.

They were buddies until life got in the way. (you know how it is)

I stored him in easy reach (rather than where most of his stuffed animals live: the closet), but Kermit and Snuffy and his Build-a-Bear cat named Luke stole his heart (as well as a coveted place on his big-boy bed).

But the other day, while Noah was doing his daily ritual of dumping and playing, he locked eyes with a forgotten friend.

And they've been spending the week catching up.

Noah's "Papa-Two-Dogs" (that's what he calls his Grandpa who has, um, two dogs) gave him a Batman costume, which he's worn pretty much every day this week. Thus ushering a slight transition from Spiderman to Batman. Naturally we showed him the super-cheesy 1960s version (which he was watching, above).

I'm not saying Spiderman is out, but he's officially cleared room in his imagination for another superhero identity. May the best Super win his heart.

early mama

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And ice cream.

There's been ice cream.


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