SUPERHERO Birthday Party: Part 2

So yesterday I told you all about Noah's 4th SUPERHERO birthday party — a labor of DIY love, with simple decor and food ideas. And today I'll show you some of the activities we planned (and didn't actually plan, but just happened) for a group of 20 kids ranging from 10 months to 7 years. (20 kids. Whewww.)

Now, when I was a kid, I was bummed to have a summer birthday. Almost everyone turned a year older before my late-August birthday — ha! you're only 9! 12! 15! — and I didn't get to bring in cupcakes and have a school celebration like everyone else. (And then there were those teachers who would lump all of the summer birthdays on some random June day, as if that would make up for it, BUT THAT'S NOT THE SAME.)

Yet now as a mom, winter birthdays? Ugh. I can't let kids run amok outside — instead I have to figure out games and activities confined in a small space. Winter birthday party ideas, in general, are limited — just a simple Pinterest search will prove my point. But we came up for with some basic ideas that kept the kids occupied:

1. Test Your Web Shooting Skills

I picked up a big Spiderman poster from Party City (for like $5), some silly string, and told the kids to go at it.

Dude. Kids went NUTS.

2. Test Your Super Aim

We turned a bottom-less box into a "building", cut out holes for the windows, and made ramps inside (out of cardboard) so that the balls would spit right out of the front hole. Then we just put out a basket of balls and, again, told kids to go at it. And that they did.

Super easy, yet a ton of fun. That's how we do.

3. Build-Your-Own Buildings

Noah already had these cardboard bricks — in the same color scheme as the party — so we made a little building section for the younger party guests.

4. Art Section

We also put out an art table for the kids who preferred a less "active" activity — because not everyone likes to roll with the running cape-clad boys. I picked up a giant coloring Spiderman puzzle at Party City (again, like $5), so the kids could color the individual puzzle pieces and then assemble it. And, of course, Noah already had Spiderman markers and crayons.

5. And the Special Guest Arrived...

We set up this area for kids to take photos with Spiderman (who was actually my sister's boyfriend, Chris, shhhhh).

(^^that's his baby, my nephew Ben. awwwww.)

A couple kids were scared (no tears! success!), a couple more were skeptical (one kid even tried to pull his mask off), but most had a blast with him.

6. Balloons!

Hey. Did you know kids like loose balloons? Like, a lot?

7. Boxes!

The photo area we set up turned into a giant play area — for toddlers, big kids, superheroes, even some adults. The buildings were kicked, knocked over, hurled at the wall — these were sugar-doped children we're talking about. I didn't exactly plan on it, but I probably should have expected it. I mean, BOXES. Boxes!

It was fun, y'all.

Exhausting, but fun.

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