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spiderman party

superman party

Noah turned 4, which is a bit surreal. Not just because of the number, but because his personality and his vocabulary and his interests match his age in a way that happened so instantly. He says things like:

Me: "Do you want us to have another baby?" (He carries an imaginary brother around with him.)

Noah: "Well, yeah. That way, when no one's available to play with me, I'll have the baby."

He came home from preschool one day, proudly explaining which superhero matches each of his friends. Him? He's Spiderman. (But wait! Superheroes? You like fairies! And princes! And magic!) And now he's like Leader of the Supers — always with a mission and a secret identity.

So we had a Superhero birthday party for him on Sunday — more on that next week. (Stay tuned.)

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Catch you back here on Monday. Cheers, friends.