I May Not Have a Man. But I Have Pacey Witter.

Emily from Your Mom Goes to College has a special Valentine this year. His name? Pacey Witter....

Thanks to the wonderful invention of Netflix, I have spent the past few months watching every single episode of Dawson's Creek. Since I was only 13 when the series ended, it was not something that I grew up on or become obsessed with during my teen years. I only bought the first two seasons on a whim when they were on sale at Target a few years ago. But I watched it and fell in love.

So, the show itself isn't that great. What I really fell in love with was the bowling-shirt-wearing bad boy with the terrible hair cut — Pacey Witter (swoon) — and everything else was just background noise. If you can watch any episode of Dawson's Creek without wanting Pacey to have your babies by the end, I would be extremely impressed.

Where were all the Pacey Witters when I was in high school? I grew up near several creeks, but never, not once, have I met a male who comes even close to the high standards that Joshua Jackson created in his signature role. Pacey manages to be everything a girl could ever want or need or desire. He is easy on the eyes (and I only feel slightly creepy, as a 22-year-old mother, saying that about a teenage boy), but his attractiveness goes so far beyond looks. He is sexy in a way that cannot be faked or duplicated, because he is the typical horny teenage boy — except with a huge, wonderful heart.

Pacey is the boy that we all secretly hope falls in love with us one day (really soon, in my case). He isn't perfect, but even his imperfections are so endearing that one cannot help but fall more in love with him. While he pretends to be cocky and tough, we all know that Pacey is just scared and insecure, with extremely low self-esteem. Despite the fact that he is charming, funny, and sexy, Pacey Witter does not think that he is any of those things. And let me tell you, nothing would make me happier than to tell him how wonderful he is for the rest of my life — you know, if he wasn't a fictional character in a television series.

Pacey Witter is nothing if not the walking, talking embodiment of a fallible protagonist.

Who was your teenage "perfect man"? (Don't say Dawson Leery. Do NOT say Dawson Leery.)

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