A Really Late Link-Up


Wow, you guys. Sorry about last week. That was a rough one.

I'm back, though, and even though life got in the way of me updating this here blog, I still wanted to share all of the links I meant to post on Friday. So here goes nothing.

Some good reads:

Beyond pro-life and pro-choice, this is a startling piece about the desperation women feel — women have always felt — with unexpected pregnancies.

I love the illustrated quotes from children's books from Emily McDowell Illustration.

An interesting perspective: How older parenthood will upend American Society.

 Why you never truly leave high school: Was high school a "corrosive, traumatic" experience for you? There's some evidence that high school is the worst possible place for teens.

For anyone who has experienced disordered eating in their life, this is an incredibly powerful essay. Against all expectations, it was actually pregnancy and motherhood that lifted my obsession. But I can so relate to this:

"I have a vivid memory of myself at 16, facing sideways in front of a mirror and pushing the skin of my sunken stomach into what I was sure was a potbelly. I stood there staring at my wasted frame, seeing, literally seeing, someone vast and bloated and monstrous staring back. How much can you ever rely on your senses again after that? How can you trust your own mind?"


And here I am, elsewhere:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for babies, toddlers, and big kids. And a little something for him.

Are these bad reasons? 12 questionable reasons to get pregnant.

Big pregnancy trends for 2013: royal baby madness, ultrasound reveal parties, and polka dots in the nursery.

Baby name trends: Downton Abbey and "Green" names.

22 hot new baby products you should know about.

Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

This is super cute.

Pregnant? Pick up a little something to make you feel sexy this Valentine's Day.

Also? This and this and this.

Oh! And this. Do you think it's worth the money?

Some great nursing-in-public tips from a fellow young mom blogger.