Some Cool Things

Cool: That photography mat that looks like real wood (but is actually warm and squishy). Also: That little tush.

Not Cool: I've been strongly encouraged to try a gluten-free (and, even worse, dairy-free) diet. Any food blog/book suggestions? Words of encouragement to talk me off the ledge?

Here are some cool things I've seen/read lately:

Embracing the Role: 9 tips for young mothers

Mine was named Andy. I was in first grade. And when a (crazy) girl cut my little finger with a scissor during arts & crafts, I hid my bloody hand in my smock, so Andy didn't see. I still have a scar.

Are you one of those girls who claims she can't be friends with girls? Here's a helpful guide. Because if there's one thing I've learned, it's that every girl needs girlfriends.

I relate so much to this post, and I think you will too. If you're not reading this blog yet, start.

My friend (and one of my favorite writers on the Web) Mary Lauren redesigned and refocused her blog, and it's beautiful. Tara over at The Young Mommy Life also did an incredible job redesigning her site.

My young-mom blogging friend Chaunie wrote an article that will make your jaw drop. Promise.

Probably the best Taylor Swift cover ever. (Have you seen this yet?)

Natural cold remedies via Jill at TerraSavvy. We're big on Elderberry here — a natural anti-viral.

 Me, Elsewhere:

Useful, heart-felt mantras for moms. ^^^

13 fashion trends I could live without in 2013. (Goodbye, ombre.)

Surprising lessons from a Disney Cruise. (Table manners? Science education?)

10 cool new strollers coming in 2013.

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Meet you back here on Monday.