Best of Early Mama in 2012

2012 was, professionally, an exciting year. Early Mama had a re-design. I was named a Cision Most Influential Mama and a Mom of the Day, and I started a new gig for Disney. I got re-energized at Camp Mighty, I opened the door for contributors (which will start SOON), and I then went on a work-related Disney Cruise. And on a personal note, the very best part of 2012 was the birth of my little nephew — on the very last day of the year.

Before the redesign, things here on Early Mama were up and down — some months were spottier than others, as I balanced my other writing obligations. But there were some 2012 posts that I'm really proud of. Here are 12 of the most popular posts (or just my favorite posts) from 2012:

1. 10 Top Bloggers Who Were Also Young Moms

This round-up of 10 successful bloggers who you maybe never knew were "early mamas" got a lot of attention. And it showed me how important this young mom identity is to so many of us — no matter our age, circumstance, or success level. It also got an encouraging comment from Rebecca Woolf, which pretty much made my year.


2. Favorite Blogs by Young Moms

This follow-up post — featuring 30 MORE awesome blogs by "early mamas" — got an even bigger response. Team Early Mama!


3. 15 Ways to Better Wifedom?

Another majorly popular post that circulated the Interwebs. And I still stand by every word.


4. On Growing Up

This post was featured on The Stir in their Mother's Day series. And it happens to be one of my favorites.


5. Another "Early" Baby On the Way

The announcement that our family would have one more Early Mama — making me an "early" aunt!


6. 10 Things I Wish I Knew Then

What I really wish I knew 4 years ago.


 7. Defying Gravity

My favorite Noah performance to date. This video makes me smile every single time.

8. Looking Back, Looking Forward

This might be my favorite post of 2012.

9. Six Questions to Ask Before Saying "I Do"

This is a post that I wish I could have read when I was young and pregnant. If you're pregnant and contemplating getting married — or even just contemplating getting married at a young age — this is, my in opinion, a must-read. Also: this.

10. Fifteen Types of Sex You're Having in your 20s.....after kids

In response to the Huffington Post article titled "15 Types of Sex You Have in Your 20s," I came up with my own version for us a-typical 20-something mothers.

11. Five Ingredients to Save a Young Marriage

My favorite guest post yet, which many Early Mama readers will find insightful.

12. Our Handmade Halloween: The Lorax

I didn't think anything could possibly top his Scarecrow costume, but my sister outdid herself with this handmade Lorax costume.


Here's to an even brighter 2013!