Favorite Blogs by Young Moms

In addition to those 10 super successful bloggers, here are even more of my favorite "early mama" blogs. Blogs that will make you laugh, make you nod along, make you feel a little less alone as a young mom.

To help grow your "early mama" community, here are more blogs written by younger moms—

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Your Mom Goes to College — First of all, amazing blog name. Second of all, if you were a teen mom, a student mom, and/or a single young mom, Emily's blog is a must read. Not only does she have a positive perspective, but she's a great writer — which will have you hooked from the first page.

The Young Mommy Life — An especially great place for teen/college moms, as Tara has an entire Student Mama section on her blog. She also has hosts webinars and writes e-books, all directed at the younger 20-something mom. Read more about Tara in my Q+A interview on Early Mama.

The Daily Doty — Amber, a young mom of two, spends most of her time working for Team Mighty (with the aforementioned Sarah), but her blog is a consistent source for smiles. When I first met Amber (via email) she was a scientist contemplating a far-fetched life as a writer, and in an astonishingly short amount of time, she secured enough steady writing gigs to ditch her safe (yet soul-sucking) job and clean white lab coat for the creative (and sleepless) life of a freelance writer. And now? Now she works with a dream team of successful, inspiring women, and she's best friends with one of the most influential women in media — all of whom saw the same thing in Amber that I did: untapped talent that deserves the spotlight. That, and she's really funny. I like this girl a lot, and you will too. (Read Amber's guest post on Early Mama, "Choosing Motherhood.")

Tiny Blue Lines — A young mom of three, a delivery nurse, and a promising writer who is MAKING THINGS HAPPEN for herself (including a book deal!), Chaunie speaks to young women across the country about her unplanned pregnancy in college, and about changing pregnancy and parenting resources on campuses. I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with her this past summer, and she's a really cool chick who deserves way more credit than she gives herself. (Read her guest post on Early Mama, "Lessons from an Unwed Mother.")

Living On Love — Another young-mom blogger I've become Internet friends with over the last few months, Lacy's blog is a consistent source of good ideas (a bucket list for food? yes!), craftiness (she has an Etsy shop), and quality writing. She also has these great monthly challenges, designed to help us focus on doing something better — whether it's working on a project or simplifying our lives. I don't know if it's her writing, or her blog design, or just her bloggy aura, but her site has such a warm, homey feel to it — the kind of blog you're proud to say is written by a young mom. (See Lacy's guest post on Early Mama, "Wanting and Choosing Young Motherhood.")

IROCKSOWHAT — I found Jess through Brandy of Heart & Habit, and it didn't take long to become a regular reader. Any young military moms? This is the blog to follow. (You can find her military-related posts in the archives.) Anyone marry their high school sweetheart? This is your girl. Besides being unapologetically cool and extremely relatable for younger moms, she's crazy talented with art and design, with plenty of free printables. She also has a really popular Instagram feed.

Cassie Boorne - Cassie is one of the smartest, most ambitious young women I've met — even beyond the fact that she had her son at 18 years old. You'll be hearing more about Cassie here, but for now, read about her Letters to my 20-Something Self series — the one that was picked up by The New York Times and NPR, and the one that I momentarily considered stealing as my own idea because WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? She's someone you'll want to keep reading.

Jessica F. Hinton — Jessica recently transitioned from a "mommy blog" (formerly known as Mommyhood Next Right), into a blog about her whole self. And that self is a writer. If you identify as a writer (and so many of us here in the blogging world do), hers is definitely a blog to read. I liked her before — back when she was writing about the typical mom-related topics — but I respect her now more than ever; now that her real, passionate, courageous voice is emerging. Interested in her journey as a young mom? Read more about her story here on Early Mama.

His Mrs. Her Mr. — Krishann is another rising star in the blogging world. You may remember her as "formerly single mom finds happiness" — in which she shared her journey as a single student mom who finally found her prince. She also blogs at The Conscious Perspective and for Lifetime's The Conversation, and she most recently joined the Babble family over at Strollerderby. I'm so proud (tear).

Three Legged Race — Christina became a young mom at 25...to triplets. Triplets! And, oh my, they're really cute. Read all about her story in my Q+A with her, and check out the "cooler music" series she did for me, too. Also? Christina and her husband, Justin, redesigned this pretty space here! Don't they do beautiful work? You should hire them.

Nessa Knows Best — My favorite video product reviewer and a regular here on Early Mama. If you ever think, hey, that stroller looks cool, but how small does it REALLY fold?, or why would I possibly need more than one baby carrier?, Vanessa is your girl. She knows all.

Tales of a Young Mama — Do you remember Darlene? The young college-student mom who — ignoring all of the nay-sayers in her life — packed up her toddler and her man to spent 7 months studying abroad in Sweden? And had the most incredible experience of her life? I can't explain how much I love this, in a finger-snapping, you-go sort of way.

Inside Out Motherhood — For anyone who reads Café Mom, Jeanne Sager (the mom-of-one behind Inside Out Motherhood) is a senior writer for The Stir, and an accomplished writer with articles published in Parents magazine, Babble.com, and AOL. And, on top of her impressive writing creds, she was a young mom. Read Jeanne's 5 Young Mom Myths that are Old Enough to be Put to Pasture.


Looking for more?

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Ed Note: More! I found more!

- Heidi from The Conscious Perspective - (A Web site dedicated to finding inspiration and personal growth — right up my alley! Love this site, and so happy to find out it's created by an "early mama.")

Shannon Oertle - (A talented writer and a stay-at-home mom, she also writes for The Equals Record)

- Little Man Langston (a younger single mama — beautiful photos, even more beautiful little man)

- Journey of Love (a young mom dealing with unexpected turns in her life)

- 2 by 22 (pregnant with baby #2!)


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