Some Cool Things

First cool thing —  We went to the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont last weekend, when we were visiting family for Thanksgiving. (You can see more photos on my Instagram feed: @earlymama.)

Other than that, you might find these useful/interesting:

- They have a Lisa Frank collection at Urban Outfitters. That's all. - 10 blog posts every new mom should read, via Stroller Traffic. - Interested in learning more about Camp Mighty? Leslie Fandrich put together a Pinterest board for all of the posts. - Sound career advice from the experts: Get pregnant at 25 for a high-powered career. And they all thought we were crazy. - From one young mom to another: Should you take online classes? - These brownies? Amazing. - But soy? It seems to be more dangerous than I knew. Read this if you use soy formula, or if you regularly cook/eat soy. - The Brits say that 28 is the age when you stop being "young." The age of adulthood. When did you start feeling like an adult? - This.

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