Our Handmade Halloween: The Lorax


My amazing, incredible, indispensable sister made his third handmade Halloween costume (see past costumes here and here and here), and I just love everything about it:

The original idea was to have the mustache on his face, like a...mustache, but he wasn't having it.

Ah well — it's still cute. And I was surprised just how many adults recognized him from house to house, considering the Lorax isn't exactly Mickey Mouse. It was certainly a hit, to say the least.

It was also extremely — extremely! — warm and cuddly, which was perfect for our chilly (post-Sandy) New York halloween.

I especially like the Truffula Tree that she made for him to carry around — like a wand.

If you're thinking about making your own next year, see our DIY tips for the Lorax costume.

Photos and costume by my sister Nikki from Picnik Photography("Like" her page for more great photos, and local readers should totally book her for a photo session. She's amazing and affordable.)