FREE Disney Junior Apps That We Love

Noah adores Disney Junior with the same kind of adoration that one might have toward a best friend. He lights up when he sees it — whether it's Jake (from the Never Land Pirates) or Doc McStuffins. He doesn't watch a ton of TV, but when he does, it's early-morning Disney Junior while mommy needs a minute (or hour) to wake up.

So when I handed him my iPhone yesterday and told him he could go to "Pirate School," he was obviously overjoyed. (And what is it about kids and their ability to navigate any kind of electronic — from the VCR to an iPad?)

Take a look at Noah's "pirate face," and how to get these free apps for yourself (and even win an iPad):

Noah's been loving the Jake's Never Land Pirate School app — available on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch — but you can also download the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode (only available on the iPad). Noah's favorite game is the one called "Map & Spyglass," where he hunts for treasure on the screen.

We also have the (free) WATCH Disney Junior app where he watches full-length episodes on our iPhone and iPad, but you can also watch them online. Unfortunately we don't have the Disney Junior Channel because we don't have Comcast Xfinity — but if you do have Comcast then you get all sorts of premiere content, including a live feed onto your computer or iOS device and a 10-day window for new episodes. (According to Disney, we can contact our cable provider and ask for the service, but I haven't done that yet.)

Don't have an iPad? You could WIN ONE at the Disney Junior Twitter Party tonight, August 8, at 9 p.m. EST. RSVP here and use the hashtags #spon and #mackidtips. I'll be there!


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