Reason to Smile: A Mighty Happy Party

There's a difference between a book that's enjoyable and a book that actually changes the way you live your life. A book that changes you.

There's also a difference between writers and bloggers who are fun to read, and writers and bloggers who inspire you to be better, to do more.

And somehow I found myself at a party last week, celebrating an author who changed my life, surrounded by the kind of blogging idols I always wished to meet in real life.

If you haven't read Gretchen Rubin's best-selling book The Happiness Project yet, or at least stopped by her blog, you need to. It's one of the most important books I've ever read — so mind-blowing in concept yet simple in application — and her blog is an incredible resource for tid-bits of inspiration and advice, all surrounding the theme of being happy.

This party was actually a book release party for Gretchen's second book Happier at Home (put on by the powerhouse Go Mighty team that is Sarah Bryden-Brown, Maggie Mason, Laura Mayes, and Amber Doty, and hosted at Isabel Kallman's dreamy Manhattan apartment).

I left feeling motivated and uplifted — how could I not with that kind of overwhelming creative energy in one place? — but also grateful. So very, very grateful to have been there, on that terrace, with those people, living this life.

And so mighty, mighty happy.


See more photos of the guests from Sarah, the food from Laura, and the gifts from Amber. You can also win a copy of Happier at Home (+ more fun goodies from Bliss and Anthropologie) from Maggie.

And all of the photos were taken by the lovely and cheery Sheri Silver.

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