What to Expect When You're Not Expecting To Be Expecting


I have to say, my favorite part of writing for Disney Baby has been revisiting that time in my life. To remember the beginning — the newness.

It's also been a great place to talk about being a little younger, a little less prepared.

So for anyone who found themselves unexpectedly expecting a baby (such as I did), here are 6 tips for the unplanned pregnancy:

1. It’s normal. No matter what you’re feeling right now — denial, confusion, nervousness, and even regret — it’s normal. Your darkest thoughts? Normal. For me, it felt like my body was being invaded — my life over-taken — completely out of my control. And why wouldn’t someone have conflicting emotions about that? The most important thing you can do is to just talk to someone you trust — whether it’s your partner or even a therapist — and to know that your initial reactions in no way indicate what kind of mother you’ll be.

2. If you can’t change a situation, change how you handle the situation. There are always reasons to be nervous and reasons to be excited — even when you plan a pregnancy! — so try focusing on the positives. Browse through itty-bitty newborn clothes, read through parenting blogs (like this here Disney Baby), and finally come to terms with your pregnancy. Grab the reigns and be productive. This may not have been planned, but it’s in your control to plan from here on out.

See all 6 tips over at Disney Baby.

[Photo of my beautiful sister (and son) via Picnik Photography.]