Remembering the Firsts: Part II


This was the first time that Noah ever saw a beach.

He slowly turned the corner, neck outstretched, and then quickly picked up the pace as he booked it for the biggest sandbox ever. For the type of scene he's only imagined.

It was also, obviously, his first time in any body of water bigger than a pool (and his experience with pools is still new, too). These photos were taken at Sanibel Island and Lover's Key (in Fort Myers), both on the Gulf of Mexico, and the clear, green-ish tinted water is much calmer than anything I've seen on the Atlantic. He was able to wade in up to his shoulders without any waves to knock him down.

Pure joy.

Pure amazement.

It's incredible how "the firsts" keep coming after the first-filled first year. After the foods have been eaten, the words have been said,  the milestones have been conquered, he can still look up at a palm tree and act as if he just stepped into Oz.

He can look at ordinary activities (like playing ball) and ordinary things (like seashells) with fresh eyes and a brand new perspective.

And in that moment I know that he's still my baby.

We both had an incredible week in Florida — but more than the sun, the swimming, the leisurely breakfasts reading The New Yorker — it was experiencing The Firsts for what felt like the first time.


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