Finding Time

I have a desk. It's white and spacious, and is home to my beautiful oversized computer where I do all of my research and write all of my for-profit posts and articles. It's tucked away in the corner of a room that's become a playroom — toy train directly to my left, a play kitchen in my forward gaze. It keeps me focused (away from any TVs) and just uncomfortable enough to not fall asleep. (And working from home, I technically can just fall asleep.)

But that's not where I write my Early Mama posts.

I write my Early Mama posts on my 5-year-old laptop in an oversized armchair in the corner of my living room — legs outstretched on a comfy ottoman, my body wrapped in my favorite blue blanket.

I don't write here entirely enough, which is apparent. Sometimes a whole week goes by and I realize that I've been so preoccupied with writing elsewhere that this site sits stagnant.

That will change.

A site redesign is in the works, and I'm hoping it'll inject some life back into this space and reenergize me creatively. I have so many ideas, so many directions to go, and so much encouragement from you all. I'm amazed at the number of people who visit here on a daily basis, even when there's nothing new to read.

More is coming. Much, much more.