10 Things

1. Noah's first family portrait.


2. Wands.

When Noah was a baby, I secretly wished that he'd have a childhood "thing." Remember that laundry detergent commercial where that little boy wore a beanie hat everywhere — even to bed — and his mom had to sneak it off his head just to wash it? That. Maybe it would be a superhero cape. A batman costume, even. Just something that was uniquely his.

And wands it is.


3. The faint smell of Justin's new cologne after he leaves the house.


4. The magnifying glass always by his side, to examine.


5. The artwork piling up around our house.


6. Noah finally sitting down for a real haircut

...and being so well-behaved and patient.


7. The possibility of maybe, hopefully, finally setting down roots in a house of our own.



8. My new iPhone cover that matches my clothes.


9. Spending beautiful Thursday afternoons at the park, rather than at a desk.

And feeling so overwhelmingly grateful.


10. Noah singing songs from Wicked everywhere he goes.

Like, everywhere. And with DRAMA.


What's making you happy right now at this very second?