Dance Party!

More frequently than you'd probably believe, Noah and I have full-out, no-joke dance parties — jumping, wiggling, and shimmying in the center room of our apartment, which we've made into a play room/office/dance floor. I put on one of my Pandora stations, while Noah dictates "Faster, mommy! I need a faster song!" But occasionally when a slow song comes on, he takes my hands as we spin around, and I listen to him laugh that gut-belly laugh that radiates happiness, until the birds are laughing and the leaves are dancing and people in airplanes are smiling and have no idea why. The kind of laugh that forces my brain to crawl out of my eye sockets, climb down my face, and shake my body like a hysterical mother — I need to remember this! I need to soak up every single second of this!

That kind of laugh.

For a long time Noah's favorite song to dance to was Katy Perry's Last Friday Night — so much that I even downloaded the song for him. At first I thought that made me a good mom, to spend my money downloading a song that made him so happy, but then, after listening to the lyrics 3 bagillion times, I realized that probably the exact opposite is true. Yet catchy it is.

Now he prefers to boogie to this Kimbra tune with a similarly catchy melody. (I think she's from New Zealand, and she's pretty rad.) I have to admit, when you birth a child who comes out singing show tunes and Disney songs, sometimes a pop-y break is much needed.

Yes, I see the irony in posting this song to a group of women who have, in fact, settled down at an age that I can only imagine would horrify Kimbra. But nonetheless, we can still rock out to it.

Happy dancing!