Noah's 3rd Wizard of Oz Party


I'm down at the Toy Fair again all day today, but I wanted to give you a peek at Noah's Wizard of Oz party we had over the weekend:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Hot air balloons from paper lanterns, boxes, and string. I was inspired by this tutorial from my Family Style colleague Liz.

Make your own wands.

I bought these black-and-white straws on Etsy.

Lunch Menu:

Lion's "Courageous" chili with Yellow Brick cornbreads

Scarecrow's "Brain Food" veggie platter in rainbow colors

Tin Man's PB+J Hearts

Yellow Macaroni & Cheese Road (recipe here)

Italian Mix/Vegetarian SandWITCHES


Somewhere Over the Rainbow cake

Glinda's wand cookies

Rainbow fruit skewers

A room full of "early" parents.

I made the Yellow Brick Road with a big roll of yellow paper from The Teacher's Store, a sponge, and yellow paint.

This little girl makes me want a baaaaaaby!

My reaction to the cake reveal.

Thanks so much to everyone who came! (And thanks to my sister for taking these photos!)