DIY Snow Globes

diy snow globe

make your own snow globe

If you follow along on Facebook, you know that Noah only wants a Wizard of Oz snow globe for Christmas — but his snow globe obsession goes further. He also wants everyone in his life to have a snow globe, which is where we got crafty.

I made the above snow globe of his favorite thing in the house — our Christmas tree — as a sort of tester for our big teacher gift idea. But instead of photos, Noah wanted to give his teachers snow globes of his favorite books that he reads with them.

The owl is from the book Owl Babies (which is a big, big deal in his class), and the rooster is from their "at the farm" book.

(Noah reading Owl Babies with his class.)

And it really couldn't be easier to make. All we used was:

  • mason jars (which we have in abundance in our house)
  • distilled water (or water that's been boiled and cooled)
  • glycerin (or clear corn syrup, or even baby oil) to thicken up the water so that the snow falls more slowly
  • little animal figurines from Michael's
  • wine corks to prop up the little owl and rooster
  • extra fine white glitter
  • gorilla glue

First we (and by we, I mean I) glued down the plastic figurines. At first we just glued them to the lids of the mason jars, but they looked a little...empty. So I had the (genius) idea of finding a couple of wine corks around the house to prop the animals up on — one is a faux cork, and one is an actual cork. I'm not sure if the real cork will eventually disintegrate, but we're taking our chances.

(And then after you open a brand new bottle of wine, you have an excuse to do this.)

I tried using epoxy, but it just wouldn't stick — even after I roughed up the lid with sand paper and scored the plastic animals with a knife. (Roughing up the surfaces helps the glue stick.) My dad — a self-proclaimed glue guru, I kid you not — swears by Gorilla Glue.  And of course he was right.

Then it's as easy as adding water, a couple small drops of glycerin (or any thickening agent), and some glitter. Go easy on the glitter and glycerin, because you can always add more. And if you're using something other than glycerin, like corn syrup, then you'll need a lot more — but again, start slow.

If you want to make a photo snow globe (SO EASY, YOU GUYS), find step-by-step directions for my Christmas Tree globe over at


Sorry the posting has been spotty this week — I'm consumed with shopping and working and holiday-ness! But I hope you're all enjoying time with your family, and you can find much more Early Mama on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (where I am all the time).