Reason #19: Always the Expert

Continuing with our Why I Love Being an Early Mama series...

This one can be flipped as a positive or a negative, depending on the way you look at it — but surprise surprise, I'm choosing to be optimistic.

One of the more difficult aspects of being the first to get pregnant is the lack of advice and support from our friends. Even if you have the most supportive parents and aunts, overly willing to shell out their opinions, the rules and the products inevitably changed in the last 10 to 20 years. Babies 'R Us isn't the only place to register. Disposable diapers aren't the only way to go. Formula isn't always the easier option.

Luckily we have endless virtual communities and resources, except that the information can be contradictory. And time consuming. And overwhelming. It's much easier to go straight to a trusted friend. To call in an expert.

While we may have found ourselves isolated and alienated from our non-parent friends, there comes a time when pregnancy news and belly photos finally start trickling into our Facebook news feeds. The people who had nothing in common with us 4 years ago are now knocking on our sub-culture's door, wide-eyed and willing to listen.

And I don't know about you, but I'm waiting to share my tips and tools. To offer sympathetic support in a realistic "I've Been There" way, because I was just there. To introduce them to my world.

From this point on, we'll always be one step ahead. We'll always be the ones that our rediscovered friends look to for a preview of what's ahead, and hopefully for trusted advice on what's to come.

Even if we're used to navigating on our own.