Post-Thanksgiving Coma (+ Happy Weekend!)












You guys. I'm completely shot.

I've been a little MIA because of the Thanksgiving hosting extravaganza, which turned out well. And by "well," I mean everyone was fed and happy, and the food turned out yummy. By "well," I don't mean the hour of cooking before dinner that was basically a lot of paths colliding, counter space disappearing, kitchen appliances breaking, etc. But for our first time hosting, I think we pulled it off.

Nothing that a little sangria couldn't fix. (Which I'm paying for right now.)

As for a next time? Ask me again in a few weeks, when my memory adjusts to only remember pretty tablescapes, steaming bowls of food, and a very happy toddler providing the entertainment. (A fridge full of leftovers doesn't hurt either. Trust.)

My sister took some photos of the day, which I'll share soon. I also want to talk about starting holiday traditions. But not now. Now I want to do this:











Have a very happy holiday weekend, everyone! I promise I'll be a better blogger next week.

(And P.S.: One of the many things I'm thankful for this year is meeting so many lovely, inspiring early mamas who have helped create the community here. You all rock. Virtual high fives.)