20 Things Before Pregnancy #2

Just because I've stopped writing about the possibilities of another baby, doesn't mean that the thoughts have stopped. Oh, those never-ending thoughts. 

So while we're in the pre-trying phase, I figured I might as well be proactive about this. I might as well not waste this precious non-pregnancy time away by obsessing over pregnancy. Because you know when I'm waddling to the bathroom for the 64th time in three hours, I'll be shaking my fist at my former self. Damn you and your empty body! 

And that's where this list came from: 20 Things Before Pregnancy #2.

1. Print photos from computer and make hard-copy albums

2. Order digital photo books.

3. Finish his baby book/scrapbook.

4. Organize videos of Noah.

5. Have my sister take family photos.

6. Stick to an exercise routine.

7. Take a family vacation WITH Justin.

8.  Take a getaway without Noah.

9. Take a trip alone with Noah.

10. Take a trip by myself.

11. Potty train Noah. (For the love of God.)

12. Take more home videos.

13. Capture Noah's performances on camera.

14. Go to the Bronx Zoo/Botanical Gardens/(insert any NYC attraction) with Noah.

15. Finalize a guardianship decision. (I know. It's bad. And, yes, even I'm shocked at how low this ranks on my to-do list.)

16. Get health insurance.

17. Have a full medical check-up.

18. Move into a new place.

19. Take up yoga again.

20. Remove my IUD.


What would be on your list? What did I miss? Help me out!