Hosting Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner Justin and I volunteered to host Thanksgiving at our place this year. Nevermind our 6-seater table and non-existent dining room — we're doing it. It's sort of the mark of adulthood, don't you think? Hosting a major holiday? And maybe that's why I'm going all out. That's right; there will be a tablescape. And centerpieces. And place cards. But in a modern, we're-still-cool-even-though-we're-parents type of way.

I'm doing it. 

I might be going a tad overboard with my overly ambitious plans (not a surprise to anyone who knows me), but there it is. Luckily I know the food will be good, so that part's in the bag. My main focus now is planning how we'll actually fit 15+ people in my cozy two-bedroom apartment while making it all look festive and pretty.

Help me out: what do you think about these table settings and centerpieces? Knowing me, I'll probably go the DIY route. Which ones are your faves?